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Nemadecide logo in front of potato field.

Prof. Thomas Been of Wageningen University developed this agraric advisory system which simulates parasitic growths in a field of potato crops. Argrarians and consultants worldwide apply these predictions to increase crop output. From 2007 to 2009 ilogue was involved in expanding and modernizing Nemadecide using object orientation.


Social scientists often require software to present stimuli to research subjects. Most current software on the market for this task requires the experimentator to program each such scenario by hand. Evoke, the behavioural stimulation package under development by Ilogue, aims to simplify this task by featuring a full graphical user interface.


Dr. Maren Schmidt-Kassow tests her subjects' growing knowledge of foreign vocabularies using a web application developed by ilogue. The subjects, who used to return to the lab at several fixed appointments a week, now perform the test on a website.

Brainvoyager related tools

Screenshot of the auto combine maps tool interface.

A series of stand-alone applications adding functionality to the popular fMRI data analysis software Brainvoyager, including:

Python utilities

Some tools that ilogue uses internally have branched of into stand-alone utilities, such as the asserting and mocking library Readable and fexpect, a fabric extension for prompts. Some of these are available from pypi.


Schematic illustration of interactions in a network using FOSE, the framework for open science evaluation.

The Framework for Open Science Evaluation (FOSE) is an initiative to modernize the peer-review system by enabling providers to exchange review content. We are currently preparing a demo implementation, as well as a platform for further development of this initiative, at