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Ubuntu App Showdown 2012 day 1: Preparations and introducing the ilogue bid: Houston

Monday 18 June 2012

If you hadn’t heard yet: the Ubuntu App Developer team has organized a development contest. Starting today, participants have three weeks to develop a full desktop application for Ubuntu. Since I have always wanted one of those cool Ubuntu t-shirts, challenge accepted! :)

The Idea

Mercury Control at Cape Canaveral during Mercury-Atlas 8 in 1962. For quite a while now I have been reaping the benefits of using cloud servers for my infrastructure. However, each time I start a certain task, and have need of certain servers, some overhead is involved: Configuring and starting the instances, applying DNS settings, running the provisioning scripts, and keeping track of them through the provider’s control panel. I'd like an app that does these things at the press of a button and keeps me up-to-date on my servers' statuses visually.
Thinking of a dashboard that lets me control my machines up in the proverbial cloud, I decided to name it after the famous mission-control rooms of NASA.


Up to now I spent most time setting up and configuring ilogue’s launchpad account, including a PPA and Bazaar code repository. The ceremonious highlight of this all was finally signing the Ubuntu code of conduct with my PGP key.
As promised, Quickly, the new rad tool, sets up a really nice application template, configures and handles your version control, debug and test setup, registering, packaging, and uploading your app, and all of this with a handful of commands!
If I have to name two things that could be improved in my opinion, they would be:
  1. the copious amount of boilerplate code it pastes in your package. These perhaps could be moved to a library dependency, i.e.:
    from quickly-app import InstallAndUpdateDataDirectory
  2. the fact that quickly save only commits locally, and does not push to the master branch.
But the tool is still young and this is the first time I've used it.

Alright that's it for today. I can't wait to get started and am excited to see what other submissions we will see!

Comments? Write me an email or discuss on facebook, google+ or twitter.

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