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Improved Fexpect now on pypi

Saturday 07 April 2012

I got nice feedback on fexpect from some users. Michael Ivanov wrote that he uses fexpect for end-to-end testing of the localwiki Ubuntu packages on EC2 instances. He suggested to dynamically link pexpect. His fix has now been integrated in the new fexpect github repository. The code now feels mature enough and has been published on pypi, so you can now easily install it with your favourite python package manager;

pip install fexpect
easy_install fexpect
or list it as a requirement in you fabric project. To import the newly packaged version:
from ilogue.fexpect import expect, expecting, run

prompts = []
prompts += expect('What is your name?','Jasper')
prompts += expect('Where do you live?','Frankfurt')

with expecting(prompts):

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